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Welcome to the Merit Group. We specialize in Medical Pins, Allied Health Pins, Nursing Pins, Service and Recognition Pins, and many other Trade and Technical School Pins and Emblems!

The Merit Group was founded in 1975, more than 30 years ago, to specialize in the design and creation of unique Custom Made Medical Lapel Pins, Allied Health Pins, Technical Pins, and Vocational Pins and Personal Accessories. We have the largest selection of "always in stock pins" available anywhere. Since the beginning, we have helped thousands of organizations and individuals plan and manage effective recognition awards, and motivational programs. Each of our customer care representatives are long time experienced in the motivational field. They are prepared to share with you examples of programs and products we've developed for organizations just like yours, and to design and help you implement programs for your organization. We hope you will use this asset to help you with a program that will promote attendance, decrease fall-out rate, motivate your students and staff and improve your overall profit picture.

Be sure to check out our inexpensive yet effective "Gold Star Pin Program". It is guaranteed to improve your bottom line profitability dramatically.

Whether you want a complete program for your organization or just a single item, we will be there to see that your needs are met.

Merit Group Scholarship Program

Featured Items

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Here is a partial list of our medical pins, allied health pins, technical pins, and vocational pins:

  • Lady of Justice Pins
  • Attendance Star Pins - Gold
  • Attendance Star Pins - Silver
  • Caduceus Pins - Gold
  • Caduceus Pins - Silver
  • Health Info Technology Student Pins
  • Administrative Health Assistant Student Pins
  • Medical Office Management Student Pins
  • Key to Success Pins - Gold
  • Key to Success Pins - Silver
  • Key to Success Pins - Bronze
  • Lamp of Learning Pins
  • Outstanding Student of the Month Pins
  • CPR Heart Pins
  • Perfect Attendance Pins
  • Helping Hands Make a Difference Pins
  • Directors Honor Roll Pins
  • Medical Assistant Student Pins
  • Dental Assistant Student Pins
  • First Aid Pins
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Pins
  • Toothbrush Pins
  • Bandage Pins
  • Scissors Pins
  • Student of the Month Pins
  • Students Helping Students Pins
  • Happy Tooth Pins
  • Student of the Term Pins
  • We Care Heart Pins
  • Acorn Pins - With Gemstone
  • Acorn Pins - W/O Gemstone
  • Stethoscope Pins
  • Computer Disk Pins
  • Computer Pins
  • Dental Terminology Pins
  • Medical Terminology Pins
  • Patient Care Assistant Student Pins
  • Computer CD with Caduceus Pins - 1/2inch
  • Pharmacy Technician Student Pins
  • Surgical Technologist Student Pins
  • Patient Care Technician Student Pins
  • Insurance Coding Specialist Pins
  • Clinical Lab Assistant Pins
  • Dental Laboratory Technician Pins
  • X-Ray Pins
  • Certified Phlebotomist Pins
  • Medical Administrative Assistant Pins
  • Chemical Dependency Specialist Pins
  • Electronics Pins
  • Insurance Coding Specialist Student Pins
  • Surgical Technologist Pins
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pins
  • AIDS Awareness Ribbon Pins
  • Keyboard Typing Award Pins - 30wpm
  • Keyboard Typing Award Pins - 35wpm
  • Keyboard Typing Award Pins - 40wpm
  • Keyboard Typing Award Pins - 60wpm
  • Keyboard Typing Award Pins - 90wpm
  • Perfect Attendance Paperweight
  • Computer Service Technician Student Pins
  • American Flag Pins
  • Medical Assistant Graduation Pins
  • Massage Therapy Student with Cross - 5/8inch Pins
  • Massage Therapy Student with Hands - 5/8inch Pins
  • Rx Pins
  • CD with Caduceus Pins - 5/8inch
  • Massage Therapy Student with Cross - 7/8inch Pins
  • Massage Therapy Student with Hands - 7/8inch Pins
  • Medical Assistant Certified Pins
  • Certified Massage Therapist Pins
  • Home Health Aide Pins
  • Nursing Assistant Pins
  • Happy Face Pins
  • Insurance Coding and Billing Specialist Pins
  • Health Unit Coordinator Student Pins
  • Dental Assistant Pins
  • Insurance Coding and Billing High Achievement Pins
  • Massage Therapy High Achievement Pins
  • Pharmacy Technician Pins
  • Phlebotomy Technician Pins
  • Snake Chain - 18inch
  • Rope Chain - 18inch
  • Teacher Appreciation with Caduceus Pins
  • Teacher Appreciation with Apple Pins
  • Medical Transcription Student Pins
  • Health Info Technology Student Pins
  • Surgical Technologist Student Pins - 3/4inch
  • 100% pins
  • Caduceus Necklace Charm Pins
  • Caduceus Post Ear Rings - Silver
  • Caduceus Loop Ear Rings - Silver
  • Vocational Nurse Student Pins
  • Practical Nurse Student Pins
  • Medical Secretary Pins
  • Medical Billing and Coding (Graduate) Pins
  • Chiropractic Assistant Pins
  • Culinary Pins
  • ...and more!

Beautiful, Handcrafted Jewelry for Medical, Allied Health, and Vocational Professionals.

Each Medical Emblem is individually hand made using old world craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail. Each label pin is layered with genuine 24k gold to provide a distinguished appearance and long lasting value.

As you have seen, we have a large number of Medical Lapel Pins and Vocational Pins that we keep in stock for our customers. If you have specific needs, we have the ability to create a custom pin especially for your organization.

A word about student recognition: It's not a small thing when you present your student with a pin, chain, or accessory item that incorporates a symbolic emblem. It says to the students:

  • "We're proud of you!"
  • "We care for you!"
  • "You are important!"
  • "We're confident that you'll succeed!"
  • "We want you to succeed!"
  • "You're achieving your goals!"

Lapel Pins are highly visible recognition items seen by the student's peers and colleagues. The impact of motivation to your students is beyond value. It's a spirit that must be nurtured and built over time. It does not just happen.

We have programs that start the first day the student arrives at your school and continue to build throughout the entire program. The result is a highly motivated person with higher achievement, higher attendance, and less drop-outs.

We are always adding new designs to our Medical, Allied Health, and Vocational Pin lines. If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us, as chances are we have it.

Call and inquire about how a motivation plan works and how it can add to your organization. Or, apply for your password today to gain entrance into one of the most prestigious collections for our Nation's Medical, Allied Health, and Technical Professionals!

Sharing in your future,
The Merit Group

Mission Statement

Fundamental to our mission is that every customer has a great experience.

- We serve our customers by providing innovative, high quality products and services at fair and competitive prices.
- We will work hard at building relationships with our customers that go beyond products to include honest dialogue.
- To serve, value and respect our customers' co-workers and suppliers, and our community: to be concerned about and contribute to their well-being. To always practice integrity and thereby earn the trust of all we are in contact with.
- We will provide meaningful work, fare compensation and a safe, healthy environment that encourages openness, creativity and personal as well as company growth.
- We will take a proactive approach to every situation in regard to our customers and all others we are in contact with.
- We will seek first to understand and then to be understood.
- We know that our goals can only be achieved by the cooperation of people. Therefore, we will seek to acknowledge, encourage and recognize each person's imput, to provide unique, distinctive quality products and services which will honor our customers and our company.
- We will work together to contribute to the long-term value and sustainability of our company, and to be a profitable and successful company while acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
- We will address our community and global concern by devoting a portion of our time, talent and treasures to programs that impact our environment and human needs.