Attendance Program

Increase Attendance!

Our Attendance Star Program is our most popular and widely used program and has a great impact on students attending class regularly. This program is implemented preferably at the beginning of a course, or at least within the first two weeks. You may find that at a particular length of time into your courses students tend to begin to show up less. At this time or just prior would be a perfect time to announce and implement the Attendance Star Program to the students. Here’s one way it can work:

To receive a Gold Star pin, the student must have:

  • Perfect Attendance, or only 2 absences in an allotted period of time (to be determined by you), and potentially have made up the time missed, if you so choose.

Or, Silver Stars can be awarded weekly, or as you choose, and a Gold Star can be awarded when so many Silver Stars are collected over a month, module or semester. The goal being to get the Gold Star, which can be presented as outlined below, or however you decide is most powerful. If a student has no absences then our Perfect Attendance pin is awarded.

The presentation of the Star Award is also important:

  •  Award the Gold Star pins in a group presentation.
  • Stars can be presented by the Director, Dean or a member of the management staff, preferably. This presentation builds rapport and I’m sure you will see the benefits already.
  • Stars are typically pinned on the collar of the uniform or on the ID card or lanyard. At the end of the course the student could have 4-6 stars awarded.
  • PERFECT ATTENDANCE pins are awarded to those with perfect attendance throughout the course. We also have small marble plaques available at low cost that are quite prestigious and valuable to the motivation of students.

The Attendance Star program can be done in other ways to suit your needs. Our Silver Star pins allow you even greater flexibility to create different levels of attendance awards. Recently we added colored stars that are being used as Module Star Awards for students. This is another very inexpensive way to motivate and award students. Contact Incentive/Retention Specialists