Help your students stay motivated!

The intent of our programs is to motivate students throughout their course of study, to boost enthusiasm for learning, improve class attendance and pride in their higher education training facility. Statistics show that the highest drop-out rate occurs during this first four to six week time range and then again in the third quarter range. During these times, it is especially important for students to be rewarded and recognized, as a motivational tool, so long as they stay on task with regard to attendance, participation, homework, testing, etc. If students remain motivated during this time period, they will be far more likely to complete the entire course.
Many institution’s finances and the student’s education is dependent upon, in large part, Federal and State loans that ‘go away’ when students do not follow through with their commitment to finish school. Consider the wasted funds and an institutions diminished credibility when students fail or drop-out, and it’s so simple and inexpensive to keep them motivated and engaged with our programs. As you implement one or more of our programs, you’ll see for yourself how students react to their small awards with excitement and enthusiasm. Contact Incentive/Retention Specialist