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Surgical technologist also known as” scrub, scrub tech, surgical technician and operating room tech,” is an allied health professional working as part of the team delivering surgical care. Surgical Technology is a growing career and their role in the operating room is important. Acknowledge and reward graduates, co-workers and staff with our high quality Surgical Technologist lapel pin. Also view our Certified Surgical Technologist Pin.

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Our high quality Surgical Technologist lapel pin is 7/8″ gold-toned with a protective epoxy dome cover with metal clutch-back. Also view our Certified Surgical Technologist Pin.

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  1. jwatson (verified owner)

    First of all let me say that I have been teaching surgical technology for almost 19 years. So during that time I have managed my fair share of ST pinning ceremonies. Last year 12/2017 was the first time I ordered the ST Pins from The Merit Group. In previous years we have used a in-state company who makes pins and other type trophies etc. First of all because the company did not make a generic ST pin we had to pay for a die-cast (not sure that’s what it’s called) to be made which is basically a template for the pins. Well that was quite an expense and they don’t last forever. But in addition once it was time to make the actual pins we saw the prices go from $22 per pin, to $32, and the last year we ordered they were up to $47.50 per pin. And I know for my students it was often hard to come up with the money so they could have a pin. So I began to research and let me tell you there are not a ton of ST pins out there but there are a good handful of options. NONE compare to the beauty of this pin from The Merit Group. And that also includes the pins we had made that I was previously talking about. I don’t know where Merit Group got this particular pin but it is absolutely stunning. In fact previous graduating classes get upset when they see the pins from Merit Group because they can tell immediately that it’s a better quality pin and the detail is just more than you could ask for. Never mind that the price for these pins are basically like they are telling you “Hey these pins are free”. I apologize that my review was long but I like to give credit where credit is due. Lastly let me also add that last year what finally pushed me to look for another option was the die-cast that the previous company used had cracked and wasn’t able to be repaired. This was just like 10 days before the ceremony. And when I found these at Merit Group I had less than 4 days I think to get the pins purchased and shipped. But Shanna from The Merit Group was so calm and helpful to me and understood the importance of me getting these pins for my students and she assured me that she would get them delivered. And literally UPS was knocking on my door just hours before the pinning ceremony and not only that but Shanna was messaging me the entire afternoon keeping me up to date and calm about the progress of the UPS delivery. So thank you Shanna and The Merit Group. And for anyone considering this pin it’s a no-brainer, order them. Now!!!! Do it!!!!

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